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Once the child takes the birth, the world around us takes a shift to a different direction, where everything revolves in and around the new member of the family, but in this journey, the mother receives the profound effect on her body.

Hence to help her stay in shape and reduce the pain, Physiotherapists from Back-In- Motion recommend the following exercises for helping you get back in shape following the childbirth.

Note: you must not forget that exercises should be done slowly, without putting any strain on your body.

  • For abdominal muscle-Workout on your tummy muscles to regain the strength and the pre-pregnancy shape. You can search for the Best Physiotherapist in Delhi, to get the best assistance for helping you workout on your tummy muscles. Remember avoiding the crunches for the first 6 – 8 weeks postnatal condition. You need to breathe normally and slowly increase the length of hold, then rest and repeat this exercise 5 – 10 times.
  • Pelvic tilt exercise– Keep your knees bent and feet flat, now gently flatten the curve of the lower back by tilting the pelvis/hips backward. Slowly relax the buttock muscles, this exercise will help to relieve back pain.
  • Back pain exercise- In this exercise, you need to stand “tall”, by visualizing that a piece of string is pulling the center of the head towards the ceiling. To reduce pain, avoid lifting anything heavier for the first 6 weeks. While lifting, ensure to bend your knees and back straight. This would brace the pelvic floor muscles and low tummy muscles.

After the child-birth, you should not expect your general fitness to be regained instantly, rather it takes time. It takes a while to return to your old body, thus in order to leverage the fitness programme, you can a Postnatal Exercise class from a leading Physiotherapy Clinic.

It is highly significant for you to follow a series of physiotherapy exercises to strengthen the muscles which are stretched by pregnancy and birth. A right physiotherapist from Back-in –Motion would help you to prevent a backache, encourage the correct posture, to help you regain the body health quickly.

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