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Shoulder Pain Treatment


Adhesive capsulitis (also known as frozen shoulder) is a painful and disabling disorder of unclear cause in which the shoulder capsule, the connective tissue surrounding the glenohumeral joint of the shoulder, becomes inflamed and stiff, greatly restricting motion, and causing chronic pain.

Pain is usually constant, worse at night, and with cold weather. Certain movements or bumps can provoke episodes of tremendous pain and cramping. The condition is thought to be caused by injury or trauma to the area and may have an autoimmune component.

Risk factors for frozen shoulder include tonic seizures, diabetes mellitus, stroke, accidents, lung disease, connective tissue diseases, thyroid disease, and heart disease.

Treatment may be painful and taxing and consists of physical therapy, occupational therapy, medication, massage therapy, hydro dilatation, or surgery.

People who suffer from Frozen Shoulder usually experience severe pain, sleep deprivation for prolonged periods due to pain that gets worse when lying still, and restricted movement/positions.

The condition can lead to depression, problems in the neck and back, and severe weight loss due to long-term lack of deep sleep.

People who suffer from Frozen Shoulder may have extreme difficulty concentrating, working, or performing daily life activities for extended periods.

Frozen Shoulder treatment gets easy with physiotherapy. It is an effective way to support and speed up recovery. A physiotherapist can assess your shoulder and use several methods to increase movement of your shoulder.

They use various techniques like—

  • Stretching the attached joint
  • Massage
  • Joint Mobilizations
  • Electrotherapy

These methods will help to reduce your pain, increase movement, and get you back to the activities that you enjoy!

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